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Homegrown Paranormal a.k.a hgphaunts is a rag-tag group of paranormal explorers based out of Pollock Pines, a hop, skip, and jump away from the historic Gold Country. Our group has years of personal, homegrown experience with the paranormal. With our love of history and curiosity of the paranormal we want to bring the spirits of the past to life. We search for the fantastic, not the fantasy. The paranormal evidence we have gathered and will continue to gather has a history. We want to hear and tell the stories of days long gone by. The spirits that live throughout the Gold Country, the Mother Lode and beyond have a grand history. They have names. They have stories. Our mission is to seek, not only paranormal evidence, but to find those stories and document them. We know that ghosts, haunts and spirits exist. In short, WE BELIEVE. That doesn't make us turn a blind eye to reality…fact…reality. We seek the truth. Stories are told. Spirits are seen. We want the real story. We want to make sure the spirts are real. Skeptic first…what we find during an investigation will be put through intense analysis and scrutiny but, hopefully, on the other end we will be able to share fantastic findings, learn the history of the spirits, the locations, and share amazing moments.

The Crew

A rag tag group of explorers
Founder – Lead Investigator
Gene has years of homegrown, personal experience, a humor, and technical knowledge to the team
Historian – Investigator
Stephanie brings a great love and admiration for history, expertise in genealogy, and years of homegrown paranormal experience herself
I am thrilled to be included on the Homegrow Paranormal team. I have had many strange experiences since I was very young. But it is difficult to share when , well, just telling someone about them. Working with Gene has given me an opportunity tow what I have experienced first hand but could not prove

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