Our Homegrown Paranormal Story – Part 1

IN THE BEGINNING….there was Cindy. Well…let’s just say, that was the beginning of our homegrown hauntings and what brought us to where we are today. But the true beginning for me, I believe, were the nights I spent white-knuckling under my blankets. Thinking back on my intense fear of the dark, I think I always knew something was around. I could never, ever walk from any room to another room without flicking every light on along the way. I still have my nights when I spook myself out.

My family has a very haunted and terrifying history. Some stories I’ve heard and some things I’ve experienced myself. Very creep, let me tell you, borderline demonic stuff (which I just won’t deal with) to voices and shadows. I’ve always wanted to tell the family story but everybody is getting long in the tooth, their memories fade, and I figure I let them rest those recollections. There are so many more stories to tell.

My family; wife, son and daughter lived a pretty non-haunting life. We’ve had unexplained events happen here and there but nothing that really caught our attention. We did watch a lot of cheesy horror movies, it’s kind of one our things, so I’m sure we chalked anything that happened to the residual effect of bad cheese. Who remembers anyway, we were raising two kids with no sleep. A whole other story.

The children, especially our son, followed in his father’s footsteps with his fear of the dark. It was years later he’d explain to us that he awoke one night with a huge shadow figure hovering over him. Told him, yup, that’ll do it. Funny thing is, after all that, he was still my biggest supporter when we started documenting the things happening in our house. Go figure.

Now, my daughter, the biggest skeptic believer I will ever meet, still wants nothing to with any spooky stuff. She supports whatever I want to do also, but she’s not playing along. She’ll nod, smile, patronize and go on about her day. I call her a skeptic believer because she has a great eye and debunks findings all the time. Oh, but she believes…trust me.

Putting aside our childhoods, our early family experiences were few and far between, inconspicuous to say the least, and nothing of mention. Then…well…our first purchased home came along, early 2000s. Along with our joyous event came the usual. A dog, another cat, fillers. We couldn’t fathom the unexpected guest that came along with our tremendous life event.

Then…along came Cindy. Our “guest”. A playful, little spirit that changed our lives forever. It started off innocent enough. My wife first experienced her. She had something run up in her face one day while putting away towels. She would tell me there were other moments that felt as If somebody sat on the bed next to her.

Like any typical man, I am oblivious to things until brought to my attention. New knick-knack, new dishes, clean bathroom, new shower curtain. Until my wife brought these events too my attention I hadn’t a clue. Afterwards, it became a usual occurrence. I would feel as if somebody was watching me. Lights were on that we knew weren’t on before. Strange noises, like footsteps on our old hardwood floors. And, we couldn’t explain things being moved and lights being on when off and vice versa.

Little did we know that our Homegrown Paranormal experience had just begun.

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