Our Homegrown Paranormal Story – Part 2

Holy crap, along came Paranormal Activity. No, not our house, although that was jumping too. The movie. It rocked our world and literally changed our lives. After watching the movie our paranormal journey truly began. What a concept, let’s video our house. Let’s capture EVPs. What? We watch ghost shows like a thirsty, nearly dead animal in the desert drinks water. How had we not thought of this before? You know…life. It gets busy. Who thinks of these thing. There was way too much to ignore now. I figured if the idiot in the movie can video their demonic presence, so could we. NO….she wasn’t a demon, we’re not idiots. OK, yes we were because we didn’t know what we were dealing with, we just knew we were dealing with something.

Actually, not long before we saw the movie, there was an incident that really incited a little healthy fear and fascination with our guest. It was a quiet but fun filled evening at home. My son, my brother and myself were sitting about the table goofing off. My daughter and her boyfriend were sitting not ten feet away on the couch. Then…chaos. I left the room, my son got up for a moment, and my brother never left the table. This was confirmed by my daughter and her boyfriend. This is important because my brother is a jokester.

My son returned from the kitchen not more than thirty seconds later, which is a mere five feet from the table and his phone was gone. As you well know, phones are attached to a teenagers hands, so he knew he had his phone. He left it on the table for a few seconds, came back and it was gone. The jokester brother happened to ask, out of nowhere, “where is that place that all the ghost stuff happens.” That was a little fishy. We promptly walked to the hallway.

Uh…well…er…uh…yah. There it was. The phone was lying face down at the front of the small hallway. All eyes, including our five cats and two dogs were staring down the jokester. Really? How stupid do you think we are? Well, not only did he deny touching the phone, it was confirmed by my daughter and her boyfriend he never left the table. And in all honesty, he didn’t have time to get up from the table, unnoticed by anybody, put the phone in the hallway and get back to his seat.

There it lie. Not only was it lying there, the battery had been drained. Why is this important? If you are familiar with how spirts work, they can drain energy from electronic devices to gain their own energy. It’s That phone was over half way charged according to my son.

BUT WAIT…under the phone was a star symbol with the number 5 in the middle. This is significant later on, we just didn’t know it at the time. And, no, the star wasn’t a pentagram. Sheesh, c’mon now. We had lived in the house a couple years mind you. The spot was inconspicuously in a corner of the hallway that we probably never looked at, but I swear that symbol was never there before. An interesting observation mind you, but there was no doubt after hounding the jokester brother, that nobody moved the phone. Nobody had time because nobody moved from their place and nobody went in that area except me. He still had his phone when I left the room.

The cat was out of the bag. In all honesty, it already was. So many unexplained things happening that were coming to our attention. It was as if we turned on the light to a little paranormal world inside our 1947 little house.

After a frightening outing with the children, yes Paranormal Activity scared the shit out of me, and the bizarre incident with a phone that disappeared and completely drained a battery, the fire was lit. Let’s do this. Let’s record and capture our ghost. Who cares if the only ghost hunting we had ever done was set up a row of laptops during a Ghost Adventures Halloween Live episode so that we could see all the cameras? Countless hours of ghost TV shows surely didn’t make me a ghost hunters, but that didn’t stop me. I’m a bit of technophile so I went to the store, bought a good old fashioned fire wire, plugged it into my camcorder, pointed it down the hallway and recorded all through the night.

What was found….was amazing. Stay Tuned.

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