Our Homegrown Paranormal Story – Part 3

Well, hello there…CINDY but first, there were orbs, orbs, and more orbs. What was this magic? Was it dust? Was it dirt? Maybe, cat dander? I’ve just never seen orbs, or lights, or mists dance, move and change colors or brightness, and never have a I seen dust or dirt spray like 4th of July fireworks like these orbs. But, they were just orbs…believe in them or not. Take em or leave em…energy or dirt? Another debate for another time.

I wanted more. And boy did we ever get more…and more…and more. Halloween night. My wife was holding a camera. My son, being a 12 year old boy and cutely disinterested and me trying to talk to the spirits. In the middle of the room, three Mylar balloons…floating perfectly still. PERFECTLY STILL. Nothing was happening. The air was still. We were all sitting, silent, quiet, asking questions…”What is your name”, “how old are you”. You know, the typical ghost hunting questions. Nothing. Silence, until…a wiggle. A slight wiggle. The balloons were twitching. No wind, nobody moving. I asked a seemingly impossible request. Can you turn those balloons and show us the birthday sign on the other side of the three balloons. We laughed…and of course, nothing. But…wait…what…uh…WHAT THE HELL my wife would exclaim on the camera. All three Mylar balloons turned in unison, still stuck together as if somebody was holding them and showed us the birthday sign. Then…WAIT… still stuck together, in unison turned back to their original position and stopped on a dime. Ever barely touch a balloon, let alone a Mylar balloon? Breathe on them? Just walk by them? They move…and they keep moving. These balloons turned together, stopped for a moment, turned back together, and never moved again. Needless to say, MIND BLOWN!!!!

THEN…”Another dang car”….EVP euphoria. The next day we decided to try our room. We hadn’t ventured into our bedroom, but since my wife had experienced some weird stuff in there, and NO NOT WITH ME…why not. Unfortunately, we tried it during a huge traffic time. You could hear the cars outside our windows. So every question, it seemed, was answered by a car passing by. I was getting frustrated. During one of our last questions I exclaimed “another dang car”. I reviewed the evidence from the video later that evening, and found nothing, as expected.

Another night with the camera rolling. It was usual to start the video recording around 11 pm until we woke up and turned it off the next morning. Hours and hours and hours and hours of sitting in front of the computer the next morning and reviewing the previous night. Orbs, bangs, knocks, and some silent sounds that we like to call EVPs were caught. Of course, the little whispers, or the gurgling sounds, or the air filled pops that we thought twere amazing were good, but just sounds. After all, we did just have the amazing balloon extravaganza. We found it…and after we did…it seems as if we finally invited her in.

It was late into the evidence finding, I had already spent a good 4 hours sifting through. Then, I heard it. The timestamp on the video was probably around 3 am in the morning, and I heard something. At first I couldn’t believe it, but I tightened the earphones, turned up the volume and here Is what I heard. A car passed and as the sound of the car got distant a class-A EVP echoed through the headphones, “another dang car”. WTF!!!!! That did not just happen. I must have listened to it 2,000 times and then the family woke up. I yelled for my son, “get over here”. His usual response…”what now?” He heard it. And heard it again. And again. My wife, now intrigued. Heard it. My daughter, who had no interest whatsoever…heard it. I was not hearing things. I was not crazy. An intelligent response. This was crazy.

The flood gates had opened. It seems as if the EVPs got ever more present. Calling our dog’s name in what was clearly a girls voice. The bangs, the knocks, the footsteps, and it didn’t stop there. She was around, it seemed, all the time. Moving things during the day. Flicking lights on and off. Playing hide and seek in the kitchen. There were times I would come home from work, singing, and as I entered the house, little footsteps would run up to me. These were amazing and crazy times.

I originally named our “guest” Scinitilla. I didn’t have a name for her and had no idea why I chose that name or that there was an actual meaning, but there was.


1. a tiny trace or spark of a specified quality or feeling.

That’s exactly what our “guest” was. A tiny trace or spark of a specified feeling. We knew she was around, we could feel her, hear her, play with her…we just didn’t know what she was. Her name eventually evolved into Cindy, only because Scintila seemed ridiculous. I guess, naming your spirit presence without actually knowing their name was a little ridiculous, but it was a cute name. We had a lot of pets, and kids and friends coming over…why not Cindy? You know, part of our Brady Bunch.

Well, it didn’t take long after that for her to let us know exactly who she was. It was late evening. I am driving home from my basketball coaching gig. My son just happens to be reviewing evidence, which he rarely did. He must have been severely bored. My wife and daughter, by their recollection, are piddling about the house. My son, in a moment of pure disbelief tells my wife and daughter, “You should see this”. Their astonishment led to laughter. “CALL YOUR DAD”

Moments later I received the call. It’s my son. If you know my son you understand that he’s not the caller. He’s not the type to get too excited about anything. I received a call and he told me, “I think I caught something but you have to check it out.” You have to understand, I’m all consumed at this point, so I was excited to get home. I wasn’t expecting much, but in the paranormal business, even the smallest of catches is sometimes exciting.

I was wrong. There she was, in all her glory, dashing across the screen in what appears a playful attempt to catch, who believe, our cat that had passed also. Not once, but twice. Unbelievable. That’s exactly what it was, unbelievable. This can’t be real. Was it a cat. A light. Something else of this world? We spent the entire night going through the video frame by frame by frame….and then again…frame by frame by frame. Forward. Backward. Sideway. Kicking the computer. Smacking the computer screen. Looking at the camera sideways and stupidly. We couldn’t find any answers to our amazing find.

But, she did really appear. You could see what we believe to be flower type pajamas, you could see maybe some hair, you could see RIGHT THROUGH HER. You can see down the hallway, you can see the footstool we put there every night, and then you can see her dissipate. This truly could not be a full apparition dashing across our screen in the wee hours of the morning. Could it?

Well…it was time to debunk. There’s no way this could be what I thought it was. Maybe…it really was. Stay tuned.

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11 thoughts on “Our Homegrown Paranormal Story – Part 3

  • I just checked it out, I have to say that is pretty impressive! I saw something on the bottom of the screen prior to the large image running through. Who did you come up with your conclusion if you don’t.ind me asking. I like you conclusion by the way.

  • Yah, totally our house. Lived there almost 10 years. Could never find any history about the house, but the area had a lot of history. we were about a mile and half away from a historic port and railroad that would take goods from the pacific through the delta. There are tunnels that use to hide the Chinese workers from public underneath the town. They were only allowed to come out at night. This was pretty common in these areas.

  • Well if you look real close it looks as if there could be hair or pajamas but mostly because of the several EVPs we got were clearly little girl voices. The spirit was playful, the times that we thought we saw her it was a small shadow and there was an extraordinary personal event that kind of proved that at least the spirit was a child. That’s my long winded way of saying The EVPs and the video mostly led to that conclusion.

  • Guy StClair, we truly believe she did. The high jinx did not stop at that house. Clearly continued on to our next house. I made a promise to my daughter that when our granddaughter was born we wouldn’t do any type of paranormal stuff in the house. We recognize that each house we’ve lived in since the house with Cindy continues to have activity.

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