Why we Ghost Hunt

What is the purpose of a ghost investigation.  Are we looking for ghosts for the fun of it?  If we are looking for answers, what answers?  That ghosts exist?  That the paranormal is real?  The validation that the afterlife exists? Are we here to help?  Who are we here to help?

It’s a passion, like any other passion we have. Some of us write, exercise, read, play sports as our passion.  The paranormal, and finding answers, the truth of the paranormal, if you will, is a passion.  It’s a thrill ride.  Like rock climbing, or surfing, or any other adrenaline-ridden activity, paranormal investigating is a passion.  And a lot of work.

You have to understand what you are looking for, what you are dealing with, and know how to use the equipment.  Different types of spirits, ghosts, entities…are they good or evil?  How do you handle either?  How to tell the difference between a shadow and a spirit or an orb or a simple explained light source, what to look for, what to ask, how to draw the spirits out to communicate.

An investigation in real life is rarely what you see on TV.  You can spend hours walking through a location, day or night, and never see a thing, never hear a thing.  You sit with your tools, your devices, and you talk and hear echoes with no responses.

Then, after each investigation, the tedious but exciting work begins.  You sift through each frame of video, each second of EVP recordings to find that elusive evidence.  You can be amazed by what you have captured and wonder how you didn’t hear or see all those things around you, or you can capture nothing at all.  Sometimes,  after a long investigation, one Class-A EVP or a shadow moving across the wall is all you’ll find in your evidence and you call that a success.

Have you proven anything?  Have you found any answers?  Have you helped anybody?  Probably not.  But you’ve experienced something not many others get to experience, you have quenched that thirst.  It’s your team’s own personal experiences, feelings, camaraderie that you enjoyed.  In the end, like that marathon runner, it’s the passion that drives you.  It’s not for everybody.  Some admires it, some have a genuine interest, and some don’t believe all.  So why do it.  It’s just another ghost after all?

Or it it?  The saying is that 90% of everything can be explained, the other 10% is questionable.  Those naysayers, the doubters, the non-believers will disagree with that and will always have something to say.  I say to them, you weren’t there.  As an investigator, you know what’s real.  You know what you felt during the investigation, and you know that you did not doctor any of the evidence.

So, with all the doubt, hard work without any pay back, the negativity surrounding what we do, why do it?  Well…ask that runner, why 26.2 miles. Ask that writer, why write something that may never get published.  Ask that athlete why do you work so hard knowing there is a great chance you will never be pro, or dancer, or singer.  Ask that paranormal investigator, after leaving a night of investigation…and you’ll know by the look in their eyes.  Just like the runner, the writer, the athletes…is a passion.

You just have to believe.

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    • Thank you very much for the kind remarks. I did not hire out. I suffered through learning this wordpress theme. lol

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